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The Case of the Savage Statue

Die Buchbeschreibung
The Case of the Savage StatueErzählt von: M.V. Carey, © Random House 1987

Everybody wants the statue of Kali! The gruesome sculpture of the Goddess of Destruction is inspiring greed all over town. It's even caused a kidnapping by a killer cult. They're demanding the statue for ransom.
It's up to the Three Investigators to find the victim - and save the valuable statue. What should they do? You must decide.
Loony suspects, dangerous traps, and bizarre happenings await the detectives.
Spot the right clues and you'll know just where to send the boys. The kidnap victim and the savage statue will be safe.
But guess wrong - and the Investigators will become Kali's victims too!

Auftretende Personen
Justus Jonas (Jupiter Jones)
Peter Shaw (Pete Crenshaw)
Bob Andrews
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Eine kurze Kostprobe
When Pete got back to the Murchison house, two cars from the Rocky Beach police department were parked at the curb. Chief Reynolds was in the living room taking a report on the kidnapping of Roy Jarrett.
"An outrage!" the white-haired man said. "Miss Murchison's statue of Kali should be in my collection at the institute, not in the hands of criminals! The dark goddess is a rare relic of an era when men worshipped in strange ways."
The man then identified himself. He was Sir Enoch Hilary, director of the Institute of One World Studies. "I hoped to purchase Miss Murchison's statue," he said. "Now those Indian thugs have demanded it as a price for Mr. Jarrett's freedom."
The woman in the flowing gown had also come to buy the statue. She was Madame Daphne Bariana, and she ran a retreat in the hills called the Garden of the Hesperides. "My students there are learning to become one with the vital forces of the universe," she said. "Kali would never threaten us. She is not a danger to those who are in tune with the infinite."
"Threaten you?" said Chief Reynolds. "We're talking about a statue, aren't we? How could a statue threaten anyone?"
"Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction," explained Lois Murchison. "She is said to bring death to men. I bought my statue at an estate sale, and it's pretty darn gruesome. It has lots of red paint on it, so you know Kali likes to drink blood."
"Yuk!" said Pinky Hainsworth.
"And the men who abducted your nephew are demanding this statue as ransom for him?"
"That's what Roy said on the phone. Those Indian hoodlums can have the statue. Roy may not be a prize, but he's my sister's son. I can't let anything happen to him."
A uniformed officer appeared in the doorway. "The Cadillac was spotted in Santa Monica," he told the chief. "It sideswiped a truck loaded with live chickens, then it sped off. The truck turned over." He grinned. "Chickens everywhere."
Chief Reynolds grinned too. He closed his notebook and scowled at the Three Investigators. "I know you boys love to butt in where you don't belong," he said. "Don't you meddle in the case, you hear? Jarrett's life could be in danger."
Jupe nodded, and the boys retreated to Pinky's house, got their bikes, and began to ride away.
"Hey, wait for me!" yelled Pinky.

1. "Let's ditch her!" said Pete. "She's just a dumb girl, and nobody's going to care about teaspoons when a guy's been kidnapped." Turn to page 35.
2. "Let's wait for her," said Jupiter. "She is a client, after all. Besides, who knows what will turn up if we keep her with us." Turn to page 97.

Interessante Fakten
Diese Geschichte erschien nur in den USA und in Spanien.

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