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Die Werbezeilen auf den Titelbildern

+++ The Taglines on the Covers +++

Habt Ihr Euch auch schon einmal die Nase am Bildschirmmonitor platt gedrückt, um die Taglines zu entziffern? Taglines, so nennt man die schlagzeilenartigen Slogans, die man eher von Filmplakaten gewohnt ist, die jedes Cover gewisser "Drei ???"-Buchformate zierten und die Aufmerksamkeit des neugierigen potentiellen Käufers erregen sollten. Stumpfsinnige Worthülsen? Effektheischende Stereotypie? Oder blitzt zuweilen Wortwitz durch? Urteilt selbst!

us-ww: Windward Books (US) / us-ma: Illustration by Stephen Marchesi (US) / us-ad: Illustration by Robert Adragna (US) / us-be: Bullseye Paperback Edition (US) / gb-ar-5: Fifth Armada Paperback Edition (GB) / us-rh: Random House Paperbacks (US - gilt nur für "Find Your Fate") / us-kn: Alfred A. Knopf Editions (US - gilt nur für "Crimebusters") / nl-de: Deltas Paperbacks (NL)

The Original Series

1 The Secret of Terror Castle
... spine-tingling mystery! (us-ww)
Bone-chilling mystery in a haunted house! (us-ma, us-ad)
Find a genuine haunted house - or die trying! (us-be)
Can the Three Investigators discover the secret of Terror Castle before its ghosts discover them ... (gb-ar-5)
2 The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot
Super sleuthing and an incredible puzzle! (us-ww)
A buffling message from the grave! (us-ma)
A practical joker laughs from the grave! (us-ad)
A practical joker speaks from the grave! (us-be)
A riddle for Jupe, Pete and Bob ... (gb-ar-5)
3 The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy
An ancient curse spells deadly danger! (us-ma, us-ad)
A dangerous quest for the truth … (gb-ar-5)
4 The Mystery of the Green Ghost
A fleeing phantom sparks a life-or-death chase! (us-ad)
Beware the Ghostly Guardian ... (gb-ar-5)
5 The Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure
Daring criminals do the impossible! (us-ad)
Kidnapped by gnomes! (gb-ar-5)
6 The Secret of Skeleton Island
A hair-raising ghost-hunt! (us-ma)
Three daring boys on a hair-raising ghost hunt! (us-ad)
Danger beneath the waves ... (gb-ar-5)
7 The Mystery of the Fiery Eye
A frantic hunt for the treasure of a lifetime! (us-ma, us-ad)
A gem as fabulous as the fabled Fiery Eye can lead to all sorts of trouble ... (gb-ar-5)
8 The Mystery of the Silver Spider
A tangled web of intrigue and suspense! (us-ma, us-ad)
The Three Investigators are frightened, tired ... and a long way from home (gb-ar-5)
9 The Mystery of the Screaming Clock
Face-to-face with a sinister gang! (us-ma, us-ad)
Time out for trouble! (us-be)
Time's running out for the Three Investigators ... (gb-ar-5)
10 The Mystery of the Moaning Cave
A daring struggle with an invisible enemy! (us-ma, us-ad)
The fiery bandit rides again ... or does he? (us-be) [?]
It's high noon for the Three Investigators ... (gb-ar-5)
11 The Mystery of the Talking Skull
A voice from the dead! (us-ma)
A voice from the dead brings a mystery to life! (us-ad)
When it speaks, there's trouble! (us-be)
A trunk full of trouble for the Three Investigators ... (gb-ar-5)
12 The Mystery of the Laughing Shadow
Unearthly noises in the dead of night! (us-ma, us-ad)
He who laughs last laughs longest ... (gb-ar-5)
13 The Secret of the Crooked Cat
A wild chase leads to a precious prize! (us-ad)
Will curiosity kill the Three Investigators? (gb-ar-5)
14 The Mystery of the Coughing Dragon
On the run from a legendary creature! (us-ad)
A terrifying legend comes to life (gb-ar-5)
15 The Mystery of the Flaming Footprints
Terrifying events in a creepy old house! (us-ma, us-ad)
Clues from the past ... (gb-ar-5)
16 The Mystery of the Nervous Lion
A restless lion guards a valuable secret! (us-ad)
Face to face with the king of the jungle (gb-ar-5)
17 The Mystery of the Singing Serpent
A cobra's song calls up evil spirits! (us-ad)
Beware the evil serpent's poison (gb-ar-5) [?]
18 The Mystery of the Shrinking House
A desperate search for a dead man's secret! (us-ma, us-ad)
The simplest assignments can be the deadliest … (gb-ar-5)
19 The Secret of Phantom Lake
A 100-year-old riddle points to buried treasure! (us-ad)
20 The Mystery of Monster Mountain
A horrifying legend comes to life! (us-ad)
What is the creature that stalks the mountains? (gb-ar-5)
21 The Secret of the Haunted Mirror
A magical mirror calls up the dead! (us-ad)
It'll take more than luck to crack it! (us-be)
A demonic enemy from beyond the grave ... (gb-ar-5)
22 The Mystery of the Dead Man's Riddle
Fortune hunters mob a town! (us-ad)
Solve a riddle and a fortune is yours … (gb-ar-5)
23 The Mystery of the Invisible Dog
Terror leaps from unexpected places! (us-ad)
A ghost that travels through locked doors ... (gb-ar-5)
24 The Mystery of Death Trap Mine
Super sleuths dig into mystery! (us-ad)
Who holds the secret of a long-forgotten corpse? (gb-ar-5)
25 The Mystery of the Dancing Devil
An ancient demon spooks the sleuths! (us-ad)
26 The Mystery of the Headless Horse
A race against time to find a priceless heirloom! (us-ad)
What secrets does it hide? (us-be)
The horror of an ancient phantom … (gb-ar-5)
27 The Mystery of the Magic Circle
A witch's past comes back to haunt her! (us-ad)
Stolen secrets destroyed forever ... (gb-ar-5)
28 The Mystery of the Deadly Double
Meet your double ... meet trouble! (us-ad)
29 The Mystery of the Sinister Scarecrow
A heart-stopping encounter with a living nightmare! (us-ad)
30 The Secret of Shark Reef
Tragedy hides in dangerous waters! (us-ad)
31 The Mystery of the Scar-Faced Beggar
Tracking down criminals on a trail of terror! (us-ad)
32 The Mystery of the Blazing Cliffs
Danger threatens from out of this world! (us-ad)
A close encounter of the worst kind! (us-be)
33 The Mystery of the Purple Pirate
A pirate's legend spurs adventure – and crime! (us-ad)
Defend the pirate's treasure - or walk the plank! (us-be)
An old legend comes terrifyingly to life ... (gb-ar-5)
34 The Mystery of the Wandering Caveman
A creature from the past shakes up a town! (us-ad)
35 The Mystery of the Kidnapped Whale
Dangerous doings in the deep! (us-ad)
36 The Mystery of the Missing Mermaid
A sinister saga of lost and found! (us-ad)
A trip to the beach ends in hot water! (us-be)
37 The Mystery of the Two-Toed Pigeon
A mysterious bird warns of crime on the wing! (us-ad)
38 The Mystery of the Smashing Glass
Shattering events bewilder a town! (us-ad)
39 The Mystery of the Trail of Terror
Cross-country sleuths in a high-speed nightmare! (us-ad)
A desperate chase across America … (gb-ar-5)
40 The Mystery of the Rogues' Reunion
Jupiter's past returns to haunt him! (us-ad)
False identity … theft …and a kidnapping (gb-ar-5)
41 The Mystery of the Creep-Show Crooks
Hollywood is full of horrors! (us-ad)
42 The Mystery of Wreckers' Rock
A reunion with death on a deserted isle! (us-ad)
43 The Mystery of the Cranky Collector
He's rich, bad-tempered – and big trouble! (us-ad)
Find Your Fate

1 The Case of the Weeping Coffin
Solve a mystery in a spooky old house. The choices are up to you! (us-rh)
2 The Case of the Dancing Dinosaur
Find a missing man and creature from the past! The search is up to you! (us-rh)
3 The Case of the House of Horrors
Uncover a mystery in an old amusement park - the solution is up to you! (us-rh)
4 The Case of the Savage Statue
Solve a kidnapping by a killer cult - the job is up to you! (us-rh)
The Crimebusters Series

1 Hot Wheels
Hot cars, hot music - and sizzling mystery-adventure (us-kn)
2 Murder To Go
The taste of terror - in a feast of mystery (us-kn)
A taste of terror in a feast of mystery (gb-ar)
3 Rough Stuff
High suspense, high stakes - and high-flying adventure! (us-kn)
High suspense, high stakes and high - flying (gb-ar)
4 Funny Business
Super-powered heroes, super-clever crooks - and super sleuthing adventure! (us-kn)
Super heroes, clever crooks - great sleuthing (gb-ar)
5 An Ear For Danger
Fast talk, fast action - and slow-burning menace (us-kn)
Fast talk, action - and slow-burning menace (gb-ar)
6 Thriller Diller
It's Lights! Camera! Danger! On a Hollywood horror set (us-kn)
Lights! Camera! Danger! On a horror set (gb-ar)
Een griezelfilm dreigt te mislukken wanneer de hoofdrolspeler ontvoerd wordt. (nl-de)
7 Reel Trouble
Hot rock turns to icy fear - as evil goes on a roll (us-kn, gb-ar)
8 Shoot The Works
Let's-pretend war games turn into a real-life battle (us-kn)
Make-believe war games turn into a real-life battle (gb-ar)
9 Foul Play
A drama of danger - with a stage set for terror (us-kn, gb-ar)
10 Long Shot
Fast-moving basketball - fast-breaking mystery (us-kn)
Fast-moving basketball - fast-breaking story (gb-ar)
11 Fatal Error
Movie madness, high-tech trouble, megabyte mystery! (us-kn, gb-ar)
Recherchiert und zusammengestellt von Matthias Bogucki und Sven Haarmann.

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